Monday, 19 August 2013

Confusion and Healthcare

I haven't had much time to consider what all has been going on lately.  Which is kind of odd because not a lot has been happening.  I left you all with a lot of information on rheumatoid arthritis.  Because that was my original diagnosis.  As soon as he first doctor told me that, I was pretty quick to do a bunch of research, find out what to do, how to help myself and go from there.  I was ready to deal with it. 

Then the rheumatologist told me that she didn't think that I had RA.  She said I was in too much pain for RA, too much generalized pain.  Not just around the joints.  My hips, knees, and ankles hurt every day all day.  My shoulders, elbows, and wrists hurt some of the time.  Mostly when I have to use them. Proof that hauling my fat ass around is harder than holding my head up.  LOL

So the hunt began again.  What have I got, where am I headed.  What does this mean for my family and myself?  So all I know now is that I have a autoimmune disorder with my connective tissue.  She sent me for blood tests and a bone scan. 

So in my frustration, I thought I would go to the emergency room to try and get some help.  Since the 21 of March I have limped with pain in my hip.  The pain has spread throughout my body.  I have tried several different pain killers.  As my pain increases, so have my prescriptions.  Three weeks ago, I started using a cane.  To me, it has come to an emergency. 

I spent 24 hours in two different places.  Gave a whack of blood, saw a neurologist and was sent home with an MRI marked urgent in 2-7 days.  It turns out that my MRI is actually in 3 1/2 weeks but hey who's counting. 

So tomorrow back to the rhuematologist.  At the very least I am hoping for better pain pills. 
Fingers are still crossed for a freaky jungle flu that can be cured with a pill...