Monday, 15 October 2012

Migraines and Weight Gain

I have some bad news for migraine sufferers everywhere. It would seem that the pills the neurologist gave me have made me fat. For a while after I got my dosage close to right I could not eat enough. I ate all the time because I was starving all the time. I noticed the scale going up but didn't put it all together.

One day I had my ahhha moment and read the side effects of my pills. Increased appetite and weight gain. Great. So the side effect of headaches is fat ass. (and head aches. Get that. One of the side effects of migraine pills is headaches) But I digress.

So I have gained 10 pounds since August when I had my last appointment. However now I know better therefore I will do better. (Mia Angelou) I know I have to watch what I eat even more. I can't eat a lot of bread and grain products. I can eat wraps and pita's in moderation. However bread of any kind gives me a head ache. I can eat homemade or bakery cookies but not a lot of cake. I can't eat oatmeal either. Even the gluten free stuff. So I am still not 100 percent certain what causes my migraines but at least I'm getting it narrowed down.

So I have joined boot camp here in town. I have started to watch my calories not in a crazy zealot kind of way, but in a normal-you don't need to eat that kind of way.   Hopefully I can stop the scale climb and maybe reverse it a bit.  It's amazing how you can cut out so much food and still find enough food to gain weight. 

But on the upside not many headaches.  Better all the time.  

I'll keep you posted.  Have a good day and thanks for the reads!