Saturday, 29 June 2013

After my long awaited appointment

I have decided to revive this platform for this blog.  Although I know that most people that read it also read this.  However if people who don't know us, find the FFOH blog, I don't want them to be confused by what we do. 

So here is the update on my rheumatologist appointment.  She doesn't think I have RA.  Which is good,...I hope.  She thinks I have something that mimics RA.  I have a lot of muscle pain.  Too much apparently for RA.  The pain is throughout my body.  More noticeable in my bottom half because it is load bearing.  (And with all the weight I gained on my last migraine pills its quite a load.)  My spine and neck are good.  So that's good.  Almost everywhere she touched, hurt.  She asked a ton of questions and took a lot of time with me.  I appreciated that. 

She knows it is an autoimmune disease.  However, she thinks it is more to do with soft tissue than just joints.  There are beginning deterioration in both hips and both knees.  Apparently with RA flare ups are different than just the constant overall pain that I have. 

She gave me a different anti inflammatory which seems to be helping.  She said not everyone can use naproxen.  Apparently I am one of them.  That would explain why they never helped with my migraines when I was prescribed them.  She is sending me for a bone scan.  She sent me for a bunch more blood work.  So now we are back to the hurry up and wait part of the health care system. 

When I had a name to research and learn about, I felt better.  I felt more in control.  I had something to work with.  I was already getting my head around it.  Now I feel pretty lost again.  One thing stood out in my mind.  Everyone I talked to physio, etc.  told me that I needed to slow down.  That pushing through the pain would cause more damage.  But she told me that with whatever this is, that it won't matter.  She said not to do things that hurt but pushing through and trying to ignore the pain, is fine.  It won't matter.  That scares me a bit.  But at least I got a disease that suits my personality.  I guess I'm good with that. 

Thanks for reading.  I know that you all care or you wouldn't bother to share precious time with me.  For that I thank you.