Saturday, 14 December 2013

Hidden Wisdom-Really Really Hidden

And here I sit.  Friday night in old lady town.  The line starts just behind me.  Oh wait no line, I'm in bed at 8:10.  And actually quite happy about it.  I have apparently reached the age where this is a pretty good night. 

Sometimes I think back over the years.  When I was young and in an endless pursuit for fun.  When my kids were young and I questioned whether or not I would ever have fun again.  When I worked to build a business until the days ran into each other and my world was about other people having fun.  And now I sell insurance which is the kill joy of everyone else's fun! ( LOL Kidding.  I really like my job.)

Life changes on us and we lose track of time.  I never notice it until there is a milestone with the kids.  This week my youngest passed the test for her learners.  I can't figure out where the time went.  I know we all go through it.  My parents said it and I'm sure their parents did.  When my boy got his licence, it seemed like life sped up.  Now as the second one draws closer, I think we will be going at Mach speed. 

Graduations, wedding's, first born's you name it.  All the stuff I never really gave much thought.  This is the crazy part.  I feel just as clueless as I did before they were born. 

I still say stupid things, get pimples, lose my temper, cry for no reason like a teenager.  I always thought I would get wise and respectable.  Instead I'm me.  LOL

I am on a mission to think in a more positive way.  To live without judgment.  I am hoping that it will continue to open my life up to opportunities.  I am pretty sure what I am going through now will end up helping me along the way.  Maybe I will end up wise...