Friday, 18 May 2012

So...slow down you say

I know I have read a bunch of stuff on slowing down my life.  Take a deep breath enjoy the moments.  The guy on Oprah who's watch has no hands because the only time is NOW.  I know they're right but how on God's green earth do you actually make that happen.

I am pondering this while sitting at my desk eating my lunch from A1 Pizza in Indian Head.  (Which is very yummy by the way.)   Not that I am complaining I am just stating a fact.  I have noticed that the people talking the most about taking it easy are millionaires.  I could take it easy to if the teenagers that looked at me like I'm an ATM didn't require so much cash. 

I think it would be much easier to enjoy the moment if the next moment didn't involve paying a power bill with creative accounting or taking bottles back to buy groceries.  Now I exaggerate but sometimes it feels like that.  And I know there are people out there that do live like that.  Life isn't always about enjoying every moment either.  Some days just suck.  There is no other word for it.  They just suck. 

It is really hard to be grateful and enjoy the moment when the moment involves your teenage daughter telling you that you have ruined her life.  (Which is pretty much the plan because when they are that age they don't need a life.) 

So I guess the answer is to be grateful for the sub and the donuts my co worker bought to celebrate the long weekend.  I can afford a sub and I love the job I pour myself into.  As for taking a deep breath and slowing down maybe I remember to do that tomorrow.