Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wood Ticks Sask Style

I spent the weekend working and then working at home.  I cut wood until my arms shook which only takes about half an hour as the chainsaw gets heavy.  So don't think it was some big accomplishment. 
(As with anything I write, I hope sarcasm shows through clearly)  I love living on an acreage but it is an insane amount of work.  My husband is still cutting grass with a ride on lawnmower and its almost dark out.  He started about 2 this afternoon.  It takes about 9 hours to cut all the grass here.  Granted we did get a little behind. 

My rant today however is wood ticks.  Gross ticks.  I would take a picture of one but they really disgust me.   And as soon as I see one I flush it long before I would think to take a picture of one.  If you have never seen one, just imagine a grape filled with blood.  And that blood is yours or your dogs usually.  They start out flat and small, about the size of the end of a pen.  They dig in with something on their heads and start sucking your blood.  After a few days on a dog they look like a grape.  People usually find them long before they get that big but still gross.  They start out black and end up grayish and disgusting.  When the dogs have ticks I can't even touch the dogs. 

And because I was cutting wood I had a tick on me.  Not dug in yet but crawling up my neck.  And my husband had one at supper and dropped his pants at the table for a tick check.  Because once you find one then your skin crawls for hours with imaginary ticks.  So disgusting.  I am assuming they exist because the birds eat them or something but besides that I can't think of anything else they might contribute to the world.  I can't think of one time anyone would say "I'm not feeling very well, must be all that excess blood in me.  Bring in the ticks." 

I have a feeling if ticks were described on the immigration papers all of the politicians problems would go away.  Who in their right mind would want to come to a place with ticks?

Just my take on the world.  Enjoy your evening. 

Good night.
Sleep tight.
Don't let the ticks bite.