Saturday, 21 July 2012

Holidays, Ketosis and Blessings

Back to the world of the non vacationing.  I was off for a little bit on holidays but am back now.  Summer is such a strange time of the year.  Everyone seems kind of disconnected with reality.  Either just back from vacation or preparing to leave on vacation or wishing they could go on vacation.  It's like a four month long vacuum. 

When I was away I didn't follow my diet very well.  I have found that I seem to be able to eat sugar more so than bread and pasta.  So I seem to be able to eat a handful of gummy bears and feel better than if I eat a cup of pasta.  So I am not sure if its all carbs I have trouble with or just wheat or all grains.  The problem is that when I seem to go off the wagon I will do ten different things and then am not sure what caused it.  Although to date I have only had one migraine and it was after I tried to have a drink.  Everything else I did that day I have done since and haven't had a headache so I know that is still a major trigger for me. 

And it's too bad really.  Some days I have a life I would love to drink away.  (I'm kidding. )

Last night I was out for a walk with my husband as the sun was setting.  There wasn't a breath of wind and it was beautiful out.  We just walked to the end of the lane way and back but the fact that we get to live here and live the life we live if fantastic.   I am so grateful for all I have in my life.  There aren't really words to explain it.  I just feel humbled and blessed all at the same time. 

Oprah said something to the effect that "If you focus on what you have more will come to you but if you focus on what you don't have, then you will never have enough."  I have so much, great friends, a great job, fantastic family and a house I love to call home. 

Thank you to everyone who reads.  I appreciate it.  It is really a great feeling knowing that someone read something you wrote.  Enjoy your day!