Saturday, 4 August 2012

Ketosis and headaches.

Good Morning all!

I have an update for you with my new lifestyle choice.   I have been following my diet pretty well.  I did snap one day and eat some Pringles and have an iced tea.  It has been a very crazy couple of weeks.  We have been running a couple people down for weeks now at work.  Everyone is taking their holidays so it's been super busy. 

I still haven't lost very much weight, only about 4 pounds.  However I have lost about 4 inches as well.  I can see it in my shape and feel it in the ways my cloths fit.  So that is a definite plus. 

Here is the biggest change.  I have only had one start of a migraine in the last month.  I took one of my Maxolt pills and it went away almost immediately and never came back.  That was a refreshing change.  I have only had a few low grade headaches this month as well.  So here is where it gets weird. 

I have always been a no fuss type of woman.  I didn't get my nails done.  I didn't get my eyebrows done.  I always thought that I was okay the way I was.  I never spent much money on clothes.  I just went with the basics and felt pretty good.  Or so I thought.  But here is what seems to be happening.  As I continue to feel better than I have in my whole life, I seem to be spending a lot more time and money on myself. 

I feel so much better that it seems I now feel like doing more for myself.  I have got my nails done and love the look of it.  I got my eyebrows done and really like the look.  Not so much the pain but the look.  I have also gone shopping three times this month.  And spent money each time.  I also wore sandals to work one day.  I have had these shoes for years and just decided to wear them.  It went okay.  Didn't gross me out too much.  I even bought some very funky boots with a heel and wore them a few times. 

So here is my idea of what the heck is happening to me. 

I think that because my head doesn't hurt nine days out of ten it has left me feeling so much free-er.  I feel lighter in general.  My brain doesn't think about the pain so it is free to think of other things.  I feel like I want to try things.  I have even considered "doing" somethings.  (If you follow this blog you know I have never been a big "doer")  I have considered going to a free concert in the park in Regina.  Considered it.  This would have never crossed my mind three months ago. 

Now I haven't actually "done" anything yet but I think I might.  Just wearing sandals is a stretch.  Maybe it is a sensation thing.  Three months ago bare feet would make me gag.  Literally, I am not kidding.  Now, I wore sandals to work.  It doesn't seem like a big thing but to me it seems amazing.

So my low carb-high protein diet is successful.  I can make chips out of salami so I still get to eat chips and dip.  I still slip up once in a while but that is okay.  All in all I feel better and am beginning to see a better life in the horizon.  And my life was pretty good before. 

Here's to a pain free day!  Cheers everyone!