Thursday, 31 October 2013

Vegetarian Meals, I think not!

So I thought that I should update everyone on my update free zone.  The doctors have run pretty much every test that a neurologist and rheumatologist can come up with.  I still have a few more to go and then after that, a second opinion I guess. 

The latest happening in my fun wander through the system is that I have exceeded my drug allowance for my year.  And my pain pills are apparently $141 dollars now.  We live on a budget.  That took up the dog food, entertainment, and half the grocery money.  So if you see one of us on the street please do something entertaining so we have something to talk about and then slip us a can of dog food. 

One of the things I started doing even when I was working was planning our meals.  I found it so much easier to come home and know what I was making and have all the ingredients I needed.  Occasionally I get too lazy to do it and then spend a week hunting for ingredients.  And then I remember how easy it is to plan and I begin again. 

We get our meat from the farm.  We are lucky to get this.  Sometimes we run out of meat before the next beef is ready.  When this happens we eat more chicken and fish.  This time I planned for a vegetarian meal.  Apparently I broke some sort of meat lover’s law.  It was called Popeye Pasta in one of the Company’s Coming cookbooks.  Angel hair pasta, roma tomatoes, feta cheese and spinach, yummy stuff.  My son looked at the meal and said “No meat!  Is this even food?”  My daughter said “You know what would make this awesome, chicken and bacon!”  To which my husband responded “ Sounds like some people need jobs!”

He sounds all supportive this time, but a few years ago I ate vegetarian burgers some times and I enjoyed them.  So I brought home some tofu dogs, and veggie burgers for supper.  I didn’t tell anyone but just put everything on the table and everyone started eating.  The kids were eating the hot dogs not saying a word.  My husband says “What’s wrong with these hotdogs?”  I replied, “Nothing” coupled with a “look “, which apparently he missed because he took another bite and said “Seriously are these old or something, they taste weird.  Should we keep eating them?”  I replied with a nastier “look” “I tried a different brand.”  Response, “I don’t know about these.  What do you think kids?  Are these okay”

Stopping half way through eating the kids said, “Yeah these do taste weird.”  And they stopped eating.  So I had to admit to the tofu dogs mostly to get my husband to stop talking.  The kids could not be talked into another bite.  And my dream of healthy eating went up in barbque smoke. 

 I wish everyone a happy Halloween!  Have a great day!!

PS We really don’t need dog food but the entertainment can’t hurt!