Sunday, 26 January 2014

Blogger Advice-Just Not From Me

Yesterday I tried to take some advice from a blog I read that talked about how to expand your readership. 

I spent the evening trying to find out how to do one thing.  I just tried to add another button to my blog.  That’s it. 

But in trying that I was lead in various directions.  It took me to a great number of different blogs.  Some were good and then I couldn’t figure out how to follow the blogger.  So I learned not to do that.  Some were okay and some were not that good, in my opinion.  I want to set the record straight about a few things. 

Everything I read gave some sort of tip I could use.  I am not really sure what this blog is going to evolve into.  There are, however, several things that I know it will not be about. 
1) Housecleaning-I don’t do a very good job of my own so I won’t tell you how to do yours. 
2) Housecleaning Manuals-Again, I am not going to tell you how to make a manual on the times, plans, and procedure involved in making a cleaning manual including washing machine clean out day, ever. 
3) Motherhood- This is a personal journey.  I may share what worked for me but I don’t think you want to read anything sanctimonious for fun. 
4) Crafts-I HATE them.   

I may, on occasion, bake something, refinish a piece of furniture, or take you on my wellness/illness journey.  I hope you read it.  I hope it amuses you.  I really hope that sometimes it makes you laugh out loud.  I would love it if you followed my blog in any form.  Feel free to follow me, friend me, or comment on my blog.  Consider this your call to action.  (Thanks advertising speak for begging.)

I never really figured out how to put the button on my blog.  But I did read that sometimes companies send you products to try and then review on your blog.  That’s pretty cool, you know, if you like it.  It would be awkward if you hated it. 

However, I did figure out how to open my china cabinet.  Therefore I was committed to remove a wine glass.  I successfully achieved this goal.  I poured a glass of problem solving wine.  And then I proceeded to drink it.  And then another.  And then I was too tired to do anything but go to sleep.  And that was that.   Success!

So this is my favorite wine. 

And if Barefoot wants me to test any product, I will.  The reviews will be better if I’m asked about white or blush products as red isn’t usually my cup of tea or wine I suppose.  I do have friends though so we could do a group review.  Just throwing it out there. 
Thanks guys!