Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Underwear-A Lighter Topic

Being sick has changed a few things in my life.  Some that I was not expecting. 

When I was young I had cute underwear.  Even as I aged pretty underwear.  I will admit that as I aged, pretty and cute got bigger.  I am not the same weight as I was when I was pre-kid.  Shocking I am sure.  So my pretty and cute got bigger, pretty and well…just pretty.  Now that I think of it, cute is under question as well.

Cute was something that I think left too.  Replaced though with sexy and a confidence that being 20 and tiny cannot find.  When I was young I always thought that people who said things like that were just trying to make up for getting fat. (I admit to being young and dumb) Now I realize the truth. 

As we age we do grow.  Sometimes up and sometimes out.  And it doesn’t matter.  I am at an age where I exercise for my health, I eat what I like, except for anything with yeast or raw dairy, and I wear what I want and my husband thinks I am sexy and he is the only one that matters.  God that’s freeing.  If only I could bottle that and sell it to all the folks that are chasing a wisp of their past. 

But I digress.  Underwear.  I admit to period underwear.  Every female person that is past the age of menstruation has these.  After being sick for a while, I know have “test“underwear.  This is designed for maximum coverage while still allowing for any test required.  Obviously there can be no metal.  You need to be able to move about at will.  Lay in uncomfortable positions for several minutes at a time.  They must not be the creepy crawly kind. 

Coverage supplied should be from roughly the bottom of the rib cage to mid- thigh.  Now that has a different kind of sexy built in.  The kind of sexy that says, I’m going to be here for many more years.  As we age everything changes.  Even the things that fill us with that good, truly happy feeling. 

Thanks, all for the reads.  I really appreciate it.