Friday, 31 January 2014

My First Product Review-Blomberg Dishwasher-My Pet Peeve

I am going to let you in on one of my biggest pet peeves.  I have a fairly simple life.  Now especially, because I never really leave the house.  My biggest pet peeve is my dishwasher. 
I know that most people won’t care about my pet peeve.  I am airing my soul so if no one reads this that is okay. 
We bought a Blomberg dishwasher 4 years ago when we re-did our kitchen. 
At first I loved it.  It was stainless steel inside.  (The last one was white inside and stained and gross.)  I thought it was going to be awesome.  It was so shiny.  We live on an acreage outside of a town of about 2000 people.  We are very lucky because we are on a town waterline that has been ran throughout the area to service the farm yards in an area where having your own well is almost impossible. 
The water isn’t really the problem.  The problem is the only way we can load the dishwasher looks like this. 

This is the pet peeve problem
If we load bowls on the bottom, the items on the top don't get totally clean.  They get sort of clean but then there are layers of crud that have been picked up and redistributed in the bottom of all of the cups and glasses on the top row. 
So if we only load the bowls and the glasses in the top shelf this is how the dishwasher looks all the time.  Sometimes we have more plates and straight type things so the bottom rack isn't so empty but this is how it looks every morning. 
I start my day by unloading the dishwasher and then re-loading it.  So this is how it starts everyday.  Then we put the flat dishes on the bottom and the day before glasses and bowls in the top rack.  Then the top rack is filled again.  Enter in frustration.
So I am sure you are asking yourself-How can these poor people live like this?  Don't worry!  We seem to be getting by day by day.  
My point is, if I was to buy a dishwasher today, I would not buy this one.  I have tried different detergents and different rinses.  We add vinegar to each cycle.  We have to rinse everything which to me seems like a huge waste of water and time, but that may be just me.  I think if you have a machine to do something, that machine should do its job.  I mean if you buy a lawn mower, you don't expect to pre-cut the grass with scissors, so the lawn mower works, right?  
This is just how I feel.  I will not by this particular dishwasher again.  
Just my opinion.  Nothing more.