Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Compulsion+Craving=Still No Headache

I am not sure exactly what is going on with my eating.  I am trying really hard to adapt to this carb-ish free life style but am not a hundred percent sure how long the adaption process is going to be.  I am totally ready to get it over with. 

I can tell when I eat a lot of carbs because my head gets tight.  If you get migraines you will probably understand what that means.  I don't get a full on head ache but my head and jaw get tight and feel like they are starting to build pressure in my jaw.  Weird I know but what can I say. 

However because it is raining every freaking day, its hard to tell what the barometric pressure might have to do with it as well.  I really want some chips.  I hate feeling guilty for eating hummus with snap peas.  I mean for the love of Pete- IT'S HUMMUS.  How bad can it be. 

My energy is my main concern though.  I just feel like someone pulled the plug on my energy.  Maybe it has to do with the weather but I have no energy and feel exhausted all of the time.  If anyone out there lives on this low carb diet I would love the input as to how to avoid this exhaustion or how long this takes to get over that feeling.  I keep waiting for my body to figure out how to make other energy but oye!  I am eating like a pig and still haven't got energy. 

But the plus side is 3 full weeks and no headaches.  That in itself is amazing.  So I guess I should quit bitching or eat the carbs and live with the head aches right?  Okay, quit bitching it is.  I guess I just never thought it would be this hard.  I kind of thought that I would feel so good with no headaches that I would breeze through this.  No change is easy and I guess I thought it would be.  Okay blogger land, I will try to quit griping about it.  I will go home now and go to sleep early and fingers crossed, will be better tomorrow. 

And to everyone in the last week that looked at me with concern and said "Are you okay? You don't seem yourself?"  the answer is "Yes I am ok.  I am on a diet to rid myself of pain and apparently get healthy in a way that makes me look like death warmed over just to fool you!  I don't want you getting all the low carb hummus in the store before I do!"

Regardless of my warped humor, its still worth it.  I'm sure my kidneys and liver are thanking me for not riddling them with the toxins of Maxolt, Tylenol and Advil by the handful.  It's still worth it.  It's still worth it. 

Gotta go.  Have to find some beef jerky to gnaw on at work tomorrow.  Have a good night!  Thanks for listening!