Sunday, 17 June 2012

Update on my headache free lifestyle

I have had a few odd things that I have noticed with this new diet. 
I am trying to do the whole ketosis thing to get rid of my head aches.  I have noticed that there are some side effects so to speak but one of them is that I am down four pounds as I said before.  So that is kind of a weird spin off because I am eating enough to sink a small ship.  I thought that since I don't really need to worry about weight loss as much that I would work to be satisfied with this new way of life so that I don't end up hating it and going back. 
I eat a lot now.  All the time it seems.  However I have had some wicked cravings. The need for carbs seems to consume my brain.  It seems to be all I can think about.  I have caved a couple of times and then I notice the real difference in what the carbs do.  For example.  I have been incredibly tired this week.  Exhausted actually.  Bone weary tired.  Some of the reading I did on this diet warned about being tired but I did not really expect it to be so bad.  And because I have been paying attention I noticed that my cravings have been fierce.  My guess is that my body is craving the energy from the carbs. 

On Saturday I caved to my cravings and had some popcorn.  It was awesome and the spin off side effect was energy.  Almost immediate.  I had the energy to clean my office which was a huge mess. I forgot and put a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee in the morning and I had a peice of licorice that my loving husband brought me.   So I can really see the difference in the carbs vs not having carbs.

Resolve has been tough but there is one huge upside.  I have not had a migrane in 2 1/2  weeks.  This is the longest I have been without a headache in at least two years.  I have had to take advil three times but all three times the headache has gone away.  "Often with one dose" lol.  I take two magnesium citrate pills, one malic acid with magnesium, my other headache pills and a multi vitamin.  And the multi vitamin doesn't contain any calcuim because I have found that calcium triggers migranes as well. 

I am continuing to eat as few carbs possible.  I will keep trying.  I read that this diet does give you more energy as the time passes and your body gets used to it.  I will keep trying.  Not having a head ache is worth it.

Thanks to all of you for reading.  It means a lot.