Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ketosis & Me & Nylons

Okay so here is an update on this week in the life of a realtor/insurance broker on a low-no carb diet.

 Not so good. 

I gained back all of the weight I lost.  Which is only four pounds but I had hoped I had found the miracle cure.  That part of it doesn't worry me too much.  However I did get a little cocky this weekend.  I had chips, cookies, a couple of chocolates on Monday.  I had been doing so well that I was thinking I was off Scot free.   This resulted in a day of minor headaches.  I took two Advil in the morning on Tuesday and woke up in the night on Tuesday/Wednesday with the worst headache I have had in a month.  Not a migraine but a pretty bad one.  Although I took two Advil again and it went away so I am close to getting better.  There was a wicked storm on Tuesday night and I am sure the barometric pressure has something to do with it. 

So I am back to my pretty strict no carb thing.  I am trying the unrefined carbs if it's not possible to have none, and none is pretty hard to accomplish.  And some of the long term side effects of no carbs sound pretty horrible as well and I would rather avoid that if I could.  I have to combat the fatigue in every way I can because I do work a lot and need to have as much energy as possible.  Finding that balance seems hard to do.  But I will keep you posted. 

Here is my next dilemma.  You know that I have been trying to expand my horizans a touch.  Not a lot but some.  You all know that I tried a skirt on last time I went shopping.  I didn't buy it but I did try it on.  I am going shopping again and would like to try a skirt but here is the thing.  What do you wear with a skirt?  You see, if I don't wear socks I kind of feel like gagging.  Are nylons that horrible that no one is allowed to wear them anymore?  Would I be lynched in the town square for wearing nylons?  Would I be allowed to wear a peep toe shoe if I had nylons on?

The gauntlet goes out to all my fashion loving readers...What the hell am I supposed to do? Please comment and weigh in.  Guys you too.  I will take a vote from you as well.  Yes or no? 

Thanks for the reads and the advice.  Have a great night!