Friday, 8 June 2012

So Far Ketosis and Me!

Okay so the strangest thing is happening.  I have gone a week without a headache.  Well sort of anyways.  I took two Advil for a headache that was coming today and it went away.  This was very cool.  Now the key will be if I can get through the weekend.  Sunday's have always seemed like headache day so we will see how the rest of the weekend goes. 

I also started my second dose of the Sandomigran so we will see how that works now too. 

I haven't lost anymore weight but since I was never too concerned with that I am okay with it.  I have also been eating like a pig lately because I have been starving and PMSy so bad combination. 

I tried a low carb pizza crust made with milled flax seed that I got from SaskMade Marketplace in Saskatoon.  It's local and organic so a really good choice.  It was good.  Not real pizza of course but still really good.  And really easy.  You could easily make it on a work night as the crust doesn't really have to rise, just rest for 5 min. 

I did have some wicked cravings this week.  Two evenings actually.  And I caved and had a couple of cups of popcorn on night but other than that a pretty good week. 

But this is by far and away the best thing that happened this week.  I am an Auntie again.  Meet Choochie, I mean Brooke.  She is perfect and I can't wait to actually meet her. 

It don't get any better than this!

Thanks all!