Saturday, 1 February 2014

Cold-Saskatchewan Style

We Canadians have been hearing a lot lately about the polar vortex, the icy cold in places like LA, and we have even been blamed for this vortex.  We Canadians and especially we Saskatchewan folks want to send out a big pshaw!

We have existed in cold weather forever and will forever more. 

My husband and I watched this clip a few days ago and this prompted me to write this.  Thanks Jimmy Kimmel!

SERIOUSLY!  60⁰ Fahrenheit is the equivalent of 15.5⁰ Celsius.  Room temperature is 20⁰. 

Saskatchewan weather should not be mistaken with weather in provinces like B.C.  We are a vast country with many different weather systems.  B.C. has the ocean on its side so that gives it a different weather system.  The Yukon is much closer to the north pole AKA Santa’s house, therefore has a different weather pattern.  I am not saying that we are the worst off.  I know we aren’t. 

But I do know that I will not pretend to understand heat.  Here if it gets to 30 ⁰ C I am whining.  I won’t speak for everyone but I am.  That is 86 ⁰ F.  (I know  this thanks to this page )

Our relationship with temperature changes with the seasons.  In the spring we will typically begin wearing shorts and flip flops at approximately +5 ⁰C.  (41 ⁰F) We stop wearing them at about +15 ⁰.     (60 ⁰) We get a touch antsy as we get tired of our six month winter.  And then the approaching dread of winter forces us into full leg pants. 

Residents of LA, and all the cities just like you, feel free to come on up and join us for a real cold and windy day.  Feel the twinge of frost bite when the temperature and wind chill reaches -50 ⁰ C (-58 ⁰ F) and see how wonderful living within the four walls of your heavily insulated home can really be.  I will gladly show you around.  Or better yet, maybe just send your newscasters so they know what real cold and wind can be! 

And I can only hope to be introduced to your heated winters someday.  You will know which one I am.  I will be the one griping about it being +86 ⁰! 

Just for fun, I would love to see pictures of your winter, wherever you are.  Post them in the comments or send some links to them.  Pictures like this, taken in Indian Head last April.  And yes I know that April is usually spring, just not spring 2013. Have fun!