Thursday, 20 February 2014

5 Things I hate about being a truckers wife

This might not resonate with all of you but I don't feel like keeping quiet.

Being a truckers wife has some good points but a lot are not so good.  There are a few things that you just have to get used to if you and your husband want to live this life.  They advertise in my area for truckers on the radio.  They need lots of them especially in the upcoming years.  More of the guys that have been doing it for their whole lives are retiring.  I hope that the kids that are up and coming don't enter that occupation.  It's not what they advertise.
Tractor part of a semi
5. Trying to feed them is impossible.  They eat horrible food while driving.  They cannot eat healthy.  The only places that they can fit into are truck stops.  And those don't usually carry too much by the way of healthy food.  Especially in the case of an allergy to flour...

4. No plan EVER.  It's awful.  You can't ever count on them for anything.  First they go on an overnight trip.  Then the place they were going doesn't have any of the stuff they were going to get.  So then they have to go to another place to get the stuff they were supposed to get.  Then they call that they are an hour away so they want you to save them a spot and then they get pulled over in the scales and don't show up.  They are never on time.  They are never on time EVER.  

3. No help ever.  I am a fairly independent woman.  I don't mind figuring some things out on my own.  But  sometimes it seems as though the trucker God works against us.  Why a perfectly good tire decides to go completely flat 3 hours after he leaves is beyond me.  It is like the house waits for him to leave until a tap starts to leak, the furnace goes out or the toilet stops working.  While he is here, everything runs along tickity boo.  As soon as he leaves, all hell breaks out.

2. Schedule.  I like a normal, in my opinion, regular schedule. On Monday night this week, I made an omelette for my husband at 11:30 PM.  Not because he asked me to but because he had just got home and hadn't really eaten anything hot in two days.  So there goes a schedule out the window.

1.  Alone time.  There I said it.  I'm lonely sometimes.  My kids are teenagers.  The only times they want to spend anytime with me is when they need money.  And sometimes I would like my husband to come home at 6 PM every night and  help dry dishes and hold my hand when we watch TV.  We have tried that life but a 1A life is quicksand.  The more you try to get out the  faster you sink.

Don't get me wrong, I love our life and I know that trucking got us here.  But some days are harder than others.  I would love to see changes to the lifestyle of trucking.  It would be great for my husband to make a decent living and be able to sleep at night.  Those two things don't seem to run together.