Thursday, 27 February 2014

Odd Bedfellows, It hardly seems possible

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As I sit in shock and awe of the health system, insurance system and my own health I notice that none of the three have the same interest.  This is something that honestly surprises me.  I really didn’t think that this was the case.  Sure I’ve heard some obviously “crazy” people talking about how bad the system is in Saskatchewan.  I just didn’t think that one day it would be me. 

I have decided that it is true.  But here is what else I know.  If you have had a kid break a leg, been in an accident, or had appendicitis attack and you still have your house, it’s not that bad, right?  I have even heard some people with cancer have excellent care.  I am not willing to speak of any other story but mine.  I have a wise friend that says, “If healthcare is free, just remember, you usually get what you pay for.”  It seems to be true.  Funny part is I always thought I did pay for health care.  I seem to pay dearly.  At least if my income tax is any indication. But it’s not. 

I had a dream in my imagination of a puzzling case of unknown diagnosis.  In that dream several doctors sit around a large table with copies of test results spread amongst them.  In this dream…maybe I should say fantasy… maybe I’m splitting hairs…ANYWAYS…the doctors are trying vainly to figure out what is causing a young woman’s crippling pain and loss of mobility.  (Hey it’s my dream I can be young if I want to!)  They toss around ideas, come up with some logic ideas, run a few more tests and bambooee!!! Diagnosis.  That is how I always thought it would work.

It doesn’t.

The health care system wants me to be better.  They really do.  They want me to be off of their list.  And as they work in the system, I assume they don’t want me to die, so I’m going to go with- better.  The powers that be just really hope that I get better and get off the list.  However they are not willing to speed up said list so that I can get better quicker.  They just hope that I call, cancel an appointment and declare my full return to health. 

My insurance company is a little different.  They have declared me better.  “I dub thee healed.”  Return to work, get off my docket.  The insurance company has to hedge their bets.  They need to make money in order to pay their shareholders.  I get it, I sell insurance.  Property insurance mind you.  It’s much easier to prove a sewer back up. 
So I am in the weird position to try to fight with the doctors to make them see that I still have something wrong with me and fight with the insurance company for the same thing.  ODD!  I know. 

I have one more neurologist appointment on Friday.  We will see how that goes.  I’m not holding my breath but I can’t help but be hopeful.  Maybe we will know more on Friday.