Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Big Secret You Should Know About Me

I am about to admit something to all of you.  It may change the way you feel about me.  I hope not but it might.  I have harbored this secret since I was about 12 years old.

I love politics.
There I said it.  I love them.  I secretly aspire to be a politician.  I'm not sure I would ever really do it.  But I love the idea of it.
When I was young I was in the Saskatchewan Youth Parliament.  I loved it.  The feeling when you walk in the legislative building is amazing.  I think everyone should tour the Parliament/Legislative buildings at least once in your lifetime.  To me it was awe inspire-ring.


This is Preston Manning.  He was a Reform Party big wig in the '80's and  '90's. He was a strong push behind the idea that the West didn't really get any attention to what we needed because our population base isn't big enough to warrant it.
I loved him.  I loved the idea of the West getting "what we deserved".  And to my 16 year old brain it sounded just right.  It was a perfect outlet for my ideas.  With a hint of rebellion tied in that suited my teenage years perfectly. (I was a lame teenager.)

And one day, my friends dad, who was helping with the handshaking part of Preston Mannings job in our community, arranged to have him speak to our class.  I got to ask him a question. I got to meet him.  I even got to shake his hand and I was forever enamored!  I think one could say I swooned.
To this day when I think of it my heart races.  I don't think that I have gotten any cooler as I grew up.

I will continue to follow politics.  Reading about it, listening to it, and watching on tv will for now satisfy my craving.
I would love to hear from other political junkies out there.  I can't be the only one...can I?